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What is it?

It’s real meat, but it’s not made the mean old way. BioCrafted Meat™ is grown from animal cells that are just as tasty and nutrient-packed as the meat our pets want, but without the parts we don’t need. So no, this isn’t plant-based meat, or meat from mushrooms, though we think that stuff is really cool too. It’s real meat, grown for purpose, rather than raised as an animal and then turned into food. We are perfecting cell lines of mouse, rabbit and chicken meat because cats and dogs absolutely love them and were born to eat them.

How is it made?

Have you ever seen how yogurt or beer is made? It’s a lot like that. Picture large, stainless steel vats with lots of stuff swirling around. We use a gentle process of growth under perfectly-regulated temperatures in bioreactors, continuously feeding the cells with the nutrients they need to get bigger and stronger. These bioreactors mimic what happens in an animal’s own body as it grows, except it removes all the guess work and external risk factors, like getting eaten by a bear.

The final product is a perfectly-crafted meat slurry ingredient with an amino acid profile, protein and fat content similar to conventional meat slurry ingredients already used in pet food. But most importantly for the palettes of our cats and dogs, BioCraft's cultivated meat ingredients taste great. Our own cats and dogs have given us two paws up.

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Who is it for?

BioCrafted Meat™  is for big pet food brands who are interested in buying tons and tons of it to use as an ingredient for the pet foods you see at pet stores and on grocery shelves. It will be in wet and dry food, for cats and dogs, and will replace the traditional meat portion of pet food.

At first we thought about creating our own brand of pet foods but then we thought: we’re scientists, not marketing people. Great choice because big pet food companies are super excited about working with us as suppliers and now we don’t have to ever know what it would have been like to compete with them (our best guess: difficult).

Why is it better?

Where to start! Well, it’s healthier for pets because we optimize the recipes and the production conditions. Ever been in a barn or a slaughterhouse? It isn’t pretty. BioCrafted Meat™ is better for pet food companies because they can count on us to deliver what they want, when they want it. Traditional meat supply chains are subject to all kinds of risks that just don’t apply to us. It’s better for farmed animals for a whole lot of reasons. And it’s certainly better for the planet thanks to reductions in emissions, water use, land use and biological threats from the spread of pathogens to the risk of antibiotic resistance. We talk more about these impacts here.

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Do you work for a pet food company?

We’d love to hear from you.

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