Better for pets

Every year, multiple times a year, the FDA issues recalls on pet food typically due to bacterial and chemical contamination. Such contamination is largely a result of the slaughter-based method of conventional meat production.

Industrial farming relies heavily on the use of antibiotics to avoid spreading disease under unsanitary husbandry conditions. This leads not only to the development of strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, but also to antibiotics making their way into the body of the meat consumer.

In contrast, BioCrafted meat is grown in a 100% clean environment that is free of bacterial contaminants, antibiotics or growth-promoting steroid hormones typically used in animal agriculture. BioCrafted meat is also produced without the use of genetic engineering, so it is GMO-free. For cell growth, BioCraft uses a nutritious, proprietary blend of carefully selected food-grade botanical ingredients, which provide cells with the nourishment they need to develop into craft meat. In this way BioCraft ensures a healthier, safer and more sustainable craft meat product than can be delivered by traditional animal agriculture.

Better for the Planet

More than a quarter of the environmental effects of animal agriculture is attributed to feeding pets in the U.S. alone. In fact, if cats and dogs occupied their own country, the amount of meat they consume would make them the world’s fifth largest meat-consuming nation. Replacing slaughtered meat with BioCrafted meat will result in less land use, less water, less electricity, fewer greenhouse gas emissions and requires less production time for the same amount of meat.

Better for Farmed animals

Approximately 25 million farm animals are slaughtered each day in the United States alone. BioCrafted meat is the result of a single sample of cells, from a single animal, to grow an infinite amount of meat.

BioCraft doesn’t use fetal bovine serum (FBS), a growth medium inhumanely obtained from the slaughter of pregnant cows, which has been commonly used to produce other cell-based meats. BioCraft was among the first biotech companies to develop an alternative formula to promote cell growth. After humanely collecting samples, the animals who contribute cells to BioCraft live the rest of their natural lives in a home as pets.

Better for Pet Food Manufacturers

BioCrafted meat offers pet food manufacturers several advantages over conventional meat ingredients, including product quality, safety, nutrition and supply chain stability. 

Thanks to the controlled and pathogen-free environment in which it’s produced, BioCrafted meat offers manufacturers a more uniform raw material that is significantly less likely to carry any pathogens (such as Salmonella, E. coli, and other common fecal-borne bacteria) that might otherwise lead to costly recalls. The tunable process of growing cultured meat in bioreactors also means that BioCrafted meat allows for customizable nutritional content, enabling manufacturers to create nutritionally optimized products tailored to the specific needs of pets. In contrast to the common price and supply volatility of traditional animal-based ingredients in pet food, BioCrafted meat is less susceptible to disruptions caused by disease outbreaks, extreme weather events or geopolitical issues. This ensures a more stable and reliable supply of meat for pet food manufacturers, helping to maintain a steady production flow and ensure better margins.

Finally, all of these benefits come at no extra cost to the manufacturer. As BioCraft’s cultured meat ingredient serves as a direct one-to-one replacement of traditional meat slurry, no changes in production lines or current processing practices are required.

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