Process and Product

Why we are making BioCrafted meat

Conventional meat production comes with some devastating consequences, including climate change, animal cruelty and risks to public health. So why is meat still the main ingredient in pet food? Because meat is a rich source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, all of which are vital for the health of our pets. And, very importantly, cats and dogs love it.

BioCraft recognizes the importance of meat for pets. This is why it grows animal cells in a controlled, pathogen-free environment to produce meat that is good for our pets, protects the planet, and is humane to other animals.

What is BioCrafted meat and how is it produced?

The difference between BioCrafted and conventionally farmed meat is simply the process by which the meat is grown. Conventional meat is the product of cells grown inside a body; BioCrafted meat is made from cells grown under gentle process conditions inside a bioreactor, which provides a similar environment to cells grown inside an animal’s body.

When animal cells–whether grown as part of a whole animal or inside a bioreactor–are fed the key nutrients they require, the output is the same: animal-based, nutrient-dense cells that are collectively referred to as “meat.” An example of key nutrients that animal cells produce include taurine, vitamin D3 and vitamin A (to name just a few).


BioCraft partners with leading pet food manufacturers interested in leveraging the benefits of a modern, supply-chain stable, sustainable and high-quality meat.

To satisfy a diversity of desires of cats, dogs and their caregivers, BioCraft is developing a range of cultured meat ingredients, including ancestral prey options that are species specific (such as mouse for cats), as well as more conventional meat ingredients.

BioCraft cultured meat is produced with a similar consistency as the “meat slurry” used in traditional pet food manufacture, and is developed to serve as a first ingredient in nutritionally complete pet food. BioCraft cultured meat can be used in either wet, dry or fresh food manufacture with comparable functionality to “meat slurry.” Pet food manufacturers interested in learning more can contact for more information.


BioCraft cultured meat is a rich source of essential nutrients, including protein, taurine, DHA, EPA (omegas) and other key vitamins and minerals that pets need. In addition to providing comparable–and in certain instances superior–nutritional benefits as traditional meat, BioCrafted meat also offers the same delicious taste that cats and dogs crave.

BioCrafted meat benefits from being non-GMO, naturally hypoallergenic and free from chemical and bacterial contaminants.

The increased demand for animal ingredients in the human food supply has resulted in significant volatility for pet food manufacturers in terms of both raw material costs and availability. In contrast to the limitations of meat production via conventional animal agriculture, BioCrafted meat’s production method is highly scalable, and largely free from supply-chain constraints. Unlike conventional meat slurry, BioCraft offers nutritional, textural and visual consistency between batches.

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