Ancestral and today´s diets for our cats and dogs

Cats evolved eating mice. And, for undomesticated cats living in the wild, mice are still the preferred prey of felines. Yet commercially available cat food based on the cat’s native diet doesn’t currently exist. That’s why BioCraft’s first product is made from mouse cells - the ancestral diet of cats.

Although such an evolutionarily appropriate diet carries the advantage of being naturally hypoallergenic for our pets, BioCraft understands that some pet parents might prefer protein sources that are more conventional. For this reason, BioCraft is developing a range of meat ingredients to satisfy a diversity of desires from both cats and dogs and their caregivers.

The second cultured meat in BioCraft's portfolio is chicken, one of the most common ingredients in commercial pet foods. BioCrafted chicken is ideal for pet food manufacturers and ultimately pet parents who lean toward more traditional meat ingredients.

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